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Friday, January 20, 2012

ok the bills that threaten us all

How would you feel, if you invited someone over for a party or whatnot, and you two are getting "intimate" then all of a sudden BAM. someone comes in and says im here to censor you, you can't do this, that, that, that, that, and if you do it, you will go to prison. how would you feel? major cock block i know. Now think about this, imagine you took a video of your adorable 1 year old taking his first steps, and you wanted a really cool song to accent the effect it has on you, then you post it to youtube for the whole world to see your baddass 1 year old taking his steps. then all of a sudden BAM. the video gets taken down because of copyright infringement, your account is banned, and no one will ever see your video.....

government, is this what you have become? i can understand monitering for terroristic activities, but you only see the bad, and try to stop it out, using everyone and everything as collateral damage. remember its the people you should be afraid of, its the people who elected you (although i thought their last choice was a poor one) without people, who would you govern over? who would you "protect"? if you continue down this road of censorship and privacy invasion, this will happen, how hard would it be to get a passport and visa, and go to japan for the rest of my life? easier than people think. then i would get citizenship the LEGAL way. then you would have one less person to govern over. heres an idea, instead of doing whats right for congress, do whats right for the people. i only need about 1000 a month to live on, but i make more than that. and lately ive been investing in charities. helping other people. why dont you help people, listen to us for a change, hear our opinions, and for fuck sake would it kill you to take a paycut? that 10,000 square foot mansion is too big just for you and your mistress, be frugal in your accounts, god know we are cause we have to be thanks to you.

sooner or later, government, sooner or later