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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jobs = Its who you know, not what you know

I've been thinking, when looking for a job, employers look at you and think to themselves, "oh look, its another one" and write you off before the interview anyway. so why try? if you know someone who has a job, and these days its rare, put in an app and ask them to put in a good word for you, because i don't care if you have a masters in Computer Science, you aren't getting into a related job unless you have had field time. That or you know someone in that job field. Now lets look at the math shall we?

if you have no field expertise, you cant get into job A which is a job related to your skills. but you cant get field expertise if you have no job. so now theres only two things left. get someone you know in that area of work, or suck cock. which is it?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

so i was thinking

you know, how when one day doesn't go so well, and you think to yourself "hmm tomorrow will get better" but it doesn't. It never does. The only way however, that we keep on living day to day is because we think that? kind of like a mind over body type thing. But for myself, i no longer have those illusions that things will get better, its not in my control. Society as a whole is responsible for society as a whole. The moment someone thinks well this is shit. they project their way of thinking onto someone else who inadvertently starts to as well. The notice things that weren't there before, like a coworker that was fun to talk to on breaks has suddenly become annoying. The boss who seemed laid back and care about his workers, now seems like a slave driver. its not the actions of people who determine if its shitty towards you or not, its how you perceive them. with perceptions of any situation going to the negative, its no wonder people seem shitty, myself included. Have you ever wondered why at night when you come home from work, after a few years of your loving significant other which you saw nothing wrong with him/her, seems like a bitch now all because someone else started bashing on their type of sex? seems ironic doesn't it. food for thought. also, what do you guys think?

Friday, June 24, 2011

so these choose your own story line type books

does anyone remember the choose your own path books where you had to flip the pages back and forth? i freaking loved those books, hell if i could find a few in pdf format it would be great. i also remember getting sad when the character dies and secretly went back and chose the other one. man those days were great.

anyone else did this?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

league of legends characters

Is it just me or anytime a new champion comes out, people are always screaming "overpowered" just because someone took the time to look at the tips for using the character and doing some bot matches to find out the best combo? seriously guys i like to troll by being nice, people cant stand it when you are nice and still beating them. but screaming over powered isnt going to make me mad, it just gives me incentives to single you out so you dont gain another level.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

so i was thinking

about chinese buffets, considering the fact that they are buffets and they cost a lot of money for one person who probably wont end up eating much anyway, why not do the price listed by the body mass index? within a certain range is a certain price. that way a skinny person isnt overpaying for food they wont eat, and it will discourage bigger people to buy out at all.

not to mention that the stuff they make is really good, even if it is americanized. but those are just my thoughts.