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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

so i was thinking

about chinese buffets, considering the fact that they are buffets and they cost a lot of money for one person who probably wont end up eating much anyway, why not do the price listed by the body mass index? within a certain range is a certain price. that way a skinny person isnt overpaying for food they wont eat, and it will discourage bigger people to buy out at all.

not to mention that the stuff they make is really good, even if it is americanized. but those are just my thoughts.


  1. Hmm.. You make a point, but I find it still rather funny idea. Chinese food here on northern europe is sick good, no fast food franchises, just original chinese enterpeurs! Its not the cheapest food, but I am ready to pay for every semi-exotic cultural taste I get - its getting rare due the "americanized" movement :)

  2. Body size isn't always an indicator of what people can eat. I'm 6 feet tall and 210 pounds and I eat half of what my 5'7" 100 pound girlfriend eats.

    I'm extremely jealous of her metabolism...

  3. Interesting idea but again Anthony is right in that BMI is not the best indicator of how much someone will eat. I would say that at the places I usually go to they have price per bowl or all you can eat so you can do what suits you the best. Never comes out to anything over 15$.