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Sunday, June 26, 2011

so i was thinking

you know, how when one day doesn't go so well, and you think to yourself "hmm tomorrow will get better" but it doesn't. It never does. The only way however, that we keep on living day to day is because we think that? kind of like a mind over body type thing. But for myself, i no longer have those illusions that things will get better, its not in my control. Society as a whole is responsible for society as a whole. The moment someone thinks well this is shit. they project their way of thinking onto someone else who inadvertently starts to as well. The notice things that weren't there before, like a coworker that was fun to talk to on breaks has suddenly become annoying. The boss who seemed laid back and care about his workers, now seems like a slave driver. its not the actions of people who determine if its shitty towards you or not, its how you perceive them. with perceptions of any situation going to the negative, its no wonder people seem shitty, myself included. Have you ever wondered why at night when you come home from work, after a few years of your loving significant other which you saw nothing wrong with him/her, seems like a bitch now all because someone else started bashing on their type of sex? seems ironic doesn't it. food for thought. also, what do you guys think?


  1. sometimes, tomorrow does get better than today. we just have to fight for it, great blog btw

  2. Nah, I'm an extreme cynic and it has the opposite effect on my friends. I always point out the bad things and say how it's likely not going to get any better, then everyone gets mad at me and tells me to be more positive. I guess that makes me kind of a scapegoat or something.

  3. I completely get what you mean. Actually, a lot of good music was ruined for me that way.