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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Info On Roadmaster Driving School

Ok, so, you know how i told you about starting truck driving right? being taught by instructors that have been doing it for 15+ years. so i paid a little more than 6k to be trained to make money right? well what happens when the trainers dont really care about training you? the "wether you pass or fail, i still get paid" attitude doesnt fly well with me, i didnt pay 6k to have to teach me for 5 minutes in 103 degree weather then sit in your air conditioned truck the rest of the day. i paid to learn, and you arent teaching, then the reason you get out is to yell at us when we make a mistake, which makes us think its our fault, well i have news for you, those that cant do, teach, so put us on the road already with someone who knows what they are doing and will be there each step of the way. i mean yea knowing the classroom shit is good and all, but what will be doing? be in a classroom for a job instead of on the road? i highly doubt it. sure there are things that need to be taught in the classroom, and luckily ive already passed all that shit. now we get the "ive been doing this 30 years and this was the way i was taught" attitude well news flash, we all dont learn that way. nothing pisses me off more, when someone wants to teach and to share information, that doesnt know how to switch learning styles in a moments notice, you have to know your audience, know how they learn, we arent standardized for fuck sakes. if i pay 6k for training, and i not getting any, i have no problem taking it out of someones hide for compensation. bottom line, get competent teachers. that is all.


  1. Y'know there's been a TON of shit teaching "businesses" (can't call 'em schools of any sort) ever since...gah, feels like 1998, yo. Anyway, there's just TONS of these bastard places that take your money, teach you nothing or as little as possible (and, more than likely only has the briefest of actual training concerning the job you want to get), then kick you out with a degree that isn't even recognized by the state you live in.

    Shit royally sucks, man.