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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Truck Driving

so im a computer technician by trade right? i thought to myself one day, hell why not go for your cdls, just for shits and giggles, so im in the process of doing that now, let me tell you, the work, is just like a job in school. almost made me fall asleep a couple of times. but i paid attention and now we are getting out on the 107 degree weather. needless to say i now look like koolaid man on crack nonetheless, its hard work, hopefully it pays off. Now i can appreciate what truck drivers go through, i mean im usually nice to them anyways, but it makes me appreciate them that much more. i had no clue what they went through before hopping in the truck. i about shat bricks. i thought it was hop in the cab and go, not so. i will keep you guys updated.


  1. whoa! finnaly something to save me from boredom! thank you for the good post!

  2. I wish you luck! My dad has been a truck driver for almost 20 years now. I have seen him come home so completely worn out, get a few hours of sleep, and be back on the road again before the sun would come up.

  3. haha didnt know my blog was so entertaining.

  4. I think that every kid fantasized about being the truck driver. :D

  5. "Turn the Page,' y'knowwhatImean?

    @hommakesgames - 'SUP dawg! Yer here too? CDL = commercial driver's license.

    And yeah, Coma, truck drivers do have it harsh as far as time spent away from family and home is concerned. It is NOT an easy job, not in the least!

    With that said I myself would loooove to become a truck driver, it just doesn't seem to fit in with any lifestyle of mine. I'm a highly paranoid person, and I just don't know where the hell to put all my stuff while I'm away for a month or two at a time.

    I know truckers aren't out for THAT long, but there aaaaare some who pull back-to-backs, y'knowwhatImean?

    On the other hand you're guaranteed travel even as a local router, you get to see awesome "commercial islands" that cater to truckers (and anyone else on the road, really, but it's mostly for truckers), and you can-NOT deny that you make money. I have yet to meet a trucker that doesn't own their own truck (or is saving up for it), their own house (I just honestly haven't met a trucker who DOESN'T own their own home, but I figure there has to be some out there), and the latest whatevershaveyou. I even know a small majority that go on from a successful trucking career (or are still part-timing 'cuz they like it) to small-to-medium businesses.

    On the other hand I don't begrudge anyone anything their hard work has gained them, and truckers DEFINITELY earn their share of the American Dream.

  6. I wish you lucky. Keep posting about that, you got one interested person here :)

  7. Being on the road for that many hours at a time and staying awake and alert takes some stamina. Good luck to ya on this!

  8. Hey TBFB, yeah i'm here too lol. Thanks for the info!