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Friday, July 15, 2011

so i was yet again thinking

ever wanted to set your sleep schedule straight so you stay up for a day and a half in order to set it right, and you go to sleep at the proper time, but you wake up when you usually do anyways? Kinda irritates me to know that im putting forth an effort to be more productive and my own body says fuck you. how can i get anything done when it appears my own body is lazy? i stayed up from 6pm until 11pm the next day then i went to sleep, and dammit im just waking up now. talk about raging.

1 comment:

  1. Discipline and self-control, bro. And melatonin.


    Whatever the hell that stuff's called...after the third use though, my body grew a strong tolerance to it. Now they don't do anythin' to me at all, y'know? Then again I have a freakish tolerance to a lot of things.

    Seriously though? Discipline and self-control, that's how I do it. Admittedly, I prefer night and graveyard shifts...